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You cant be your best self until you find your tribe, i'm still looking for mine. ~-Misty Day

Hi im Jose and i like Emma Roberts, scary movies, nice clothes and things that look pretty. Thank you for taking time out of your day to come see my blog! Click the "help" link below to donate food to an animal shelter with 1 quick free click! Have a Nice Day! c:


Outtake from Sarah’s Coven photoshoot

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omg this did not actually happen



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"The Bridesmaid"  from Secret Romance #15 (1971) by Charlton Comics

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Hybristophilia, is a paraphilia in which people experience sexual arousal on thoughts of having sex with murderers and serial killers. It has been noted almost exclusively in women, making it unlike most other paraphilias.

It can also be viewed as a fetish; many notorious serial killers have received their fair share of hybristophiliac ‘fans’. Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer were among those who had these woman appearing in court for their trials confessing their love for them. Richard Ramirez went on to marry Doreen Lioy, a woman who became obsessed with him after discovering him through his infamous crimes.

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when someone tries to spill the truth tea but you’re not ready to be scalded


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